Bishops Peak

Sometimes called Bishop’s Peak, but more formally known as Bishop Peak, this mountain is the most sought after summit in San Luis Obispo. Bishop Peak is the tallest of the Nine Sisters, the picturesque volcanic Morros stretching across San Luis Obispo. The iconic mountain has a rocky crown shaped like a bishop’s miter, which provides panoramic views over the city and nearby peaks. The single-track trail to the 1,559-foot summit is demanding and rewarding – a truly excellent hike.

From the trailhead at the top of Highland Drive to the summit of Bishop Peak is 3.5 miles round trip with 950 feet of elevation gain. Another trailhead on Patricia Drive offers a slightly longer hike up Bishop Peak that is 4.2 miles round trip with 1,175 feet of elevation change.

Highland Drive to Bishop Peak
Pick up the trail on the left side of the cul-de-sac at the end of Highland Drive, and begin hiking along the left side of a wooden fence. The wide dirt trail passes through a shaded oak forest. Come to a cattle pond after a quarter mile, along with a junction with a trail to Bishop Peak from another trailhead on Patricia Drive.

Turn left at the junction, following the wide road up a grassy slope. After another 0.15 miles, pass through a cattle gate to a junction with a connector trail to Felsman Loop Trail. Turn left, heading farther up the grass skirt of Bishop Peak. The trail returns to the trees, passing through a pleasant mixed forest of oaks and bays. Enjoy the temporary shade as you pass through another gate and a plaque commemorating the creation of Bishop Peak Natural Reserve.

98 Brittany Circle 93405 San Luis Obispo United States